Þriðja framlag Ridleys Scott til Alien-seríunnar er bara rétt handan við hornið (sérstaklega ef þú ert á leiðinni á Nexus-sýninguna). Myndin er frumsýnd í næstu viku og gagnrýnendur eru farnir að láta í sér heyra.

Prósentutalan er í hærri kantinum í augnablikinu á Rotten Tomatoes og virðast flestir vera sammála um að útkoman sé prýðilega heppnuð – að mestu.


EW: Alien: Covenant indulges in a spectacle that’s been missing from summer movies for the past decade or so. It grosses you out and then laughs at you while you puke (not literally).

The Wrap: An interstellar version of Friday the 13th, with a respectable ensemble of actors as the camp counselors and various fanged slimeballs filling in for Jason Voorhees.

Dread Central: Alien: Covenant is cruel and scary – it’s a hard R, and the suspense levels are off the charts. The monsters … are believable and terrifying.

Daily Dead: The big-picture conversations that Scott and his team of screenwriters pose in Covenant are intriguing and comprise the majority of what makes this latest Alien installment so interesting.

Collider: Whether you want a Prometheus sequel or an Alien movie, you want a movie that feels cohesive, and there’s no denying Covenant is a structurally challenged film that feels more like two movies slapped together in the name of audience appeal.

CBR: Be warned that Alien: Covenant is about 40 percent Alien, 50 percent Prometheus and 10 percent absolutely bonkers.

We Live Entertainment: Alien: Covenant is full of bad decisions, both by the creative team and by the characters themselves. There are good set pieces in Alien: Covenant, but the story connecting them is nonsense.

Den of Geek: Here is a pretty-looking and aesthetically dazzling picture that dryly remakes the original 1979 classic with all the perfunctory effort of a master being commissioned to trace the lines of a previous work.

Guardian: The film is very capably made, with forceful, potent performances from Waterston and Fassbender. That franchise title is, however, looking increasingly wrong. It is a bit familiar.

Screen International: Covenant raids its own trope cupboard, recycling plot points like the exhausted air in a ship that’s spent too long in deep space.

Uproxx: What started out as a simple ‘let’s run away from this scary thing’ is now so bogged down in its own mythology of why these scary things exist, it’s almost unrecognizable.


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